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Airplane that fly's inside of a light bulb

It all started one day when I found a burned out 1000-watt light bulb. I first thought about a ship in a bottle, but you see them all the  time, Then I thought about a airplane flying around inside a light bulb, now that would be different! Before I could do anything I had to cut open the bulb and remove the filament and supports. This type of bulb has a strong vacuum inside just cutting it would cause it to implode violently. I then thought of something that I did in the past when I worked at GE, which led me to successfully cut the bottom of the bulb free without having it implode. The first hurdle was over. Now to design and build a airplane with a working motor, propeller and light small enough to fit inside the bulb.

On my workbench I have a small air motor that runs on 1 lb of air I decided to use that to rotate the airplane. That motor runs at 240 rpm's, too fast for this application. Looking at a clocks second hand witch is too slow. I decided that 4 to 5 rpm would be just right. I needed a series of pulleys to reduce the 240 rpms down to 4 or 5 rpms. The propeller motor and light would run on a AA battery. All these problems would have to be worked out before I could start making pulleys on my lathe. It took one month to complete the work. It was a good project and I hope others enjoy seeing a airplane flying inside of a light bulb.

                                                                                 Built by Doug Heffron inventor

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plane in a light bulb
plane in a light bulb
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